Technology Innovation

Innovior supports and engages in innovative new ventures or with individuals to operate in the organised economy to get higher returns from operating in the official economy (e.g. by partnering with financial institutions and co-operating with established firms). Our technical innovation through its investment in R&D and all its associated elements, including partnerships with universities, research organisations and small to medium enterprises (SMEs) has been designed to reduce costs and optimize operations, to deliver leading edge functionality. We also provide skill development and employment opportunities and technology innovations that encourage people and businesses to move from the informal sector to the formal sector.

Product Design &

Our expert technology team designs and develops new products for organisations across a broad range of sectors including healthcare, communications, education and agriculture. We provide a one-stop product development service for you to take your product to market, from advising on business cases and creating initial concepts through to design and development; from manufacture and supply chain set-up to ongoing support for lasting success.

Technology Advancement & Prototyping Center

Innovior supports in potential entrepreneurial opportunities to enhance the transformation of the Social and Rural innovation ecosystem to a comprehensive technological entrepreneurial industrial R&D-based ecosystem. We support to establish and operate a sustainable state-of-the-art engineering services, advanced prototyping and rapid manufacturing center that provides customized engineering solutions and products for researchers and new product developers, enabling them to translate their ideas and innovations to produce solutions for Rural India towards a comprehensive R&D-based ecosystem.

Research & Development:

Innovative research and development is the key strategy of Innovior. With our deep understanding of various livelihood sector and various technologies across the organization and our global reach, we are uniquely placed to provide rural community and society with integrated solutions to help them increase revenue and productivity in a sustainable way. We innovate eco-technology and business models to deliver integrated solutions at scale that are tailored to the complex need of growers around the world.

Training and Capacity Building

To address the correlation between education, empowerment and rural livelihood transformation our capacity building programs have been designed with particular emphasis in improving the knowledge and skills of rural poor. We organise capacity building programs that covers formal as well as non-formal education, literacy as well as skills training. Education for rural people is an essential part of our endeavor and we adhere to this objective while designing the programs in educating all rural people including youth, adults and women. Our services not only help in building capacities of the rural people, but also respond to the basic needs in reducing inequalities to the imperative of providing better tools and skills. Targeting the needs of the specific rural groups we customize our programs and design accordingly.