Innovior is a non-profit social enterprise led by passionate entrepreneurs, industrialists, and senior Indian Administrative Service officers supporting in catalyzing sustainable development through state-of-the-art technology across India for rural livelihood transformation. We have a wide ranging development approach. Our innovation focuses on myriad directions– technology, social mobilisation approaches, local institution building, architecture of partnerships, management techniques etc. We have developed innovative technologies for clean water, waste management, energy, education, agriculture and healthcare helping in increasing equitable, affordable, sustainable energy access to achieve social and economic development of the people.

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The Sustainable Environment Resource Institute is a global initiative connecting cities, villages, organizations, sector & subject experts from academic & research organizations from across the world to share their best practices, policies, advises, funding options and commitment to reduce climate change impact and to make the Planet more green and clean. It promoted by well-known experts in the fields of engineering, science, climate change, social sciences and policy-making. We help our stakeholders navigate technical, financial and policy requirements in renewable energy and energy efficiency and promote actions that make green power available to everyone. Our team provides advisory solutions to address the growing energy needs of the country through implementation of various environment friendly solutions and technologies.