Powering Health-Electrification in Rural Health Clinic

The project provides solar power to electrify the hospital at Rudawal village located in Rupbas Tehsil of Bharatpur district in Rajasthan, India. Equipment provided in the health center was not useful due to uninterrupted power supply. Electricity generated through installation of 10 KWp Roof Top Solar Hybrid System with 1500AH backup, helped the hospital officials to use the equipment kept idle and also to carry out surgical operations and delivery without any problem during day and night. We have applied novel solutions by harnessing solar power and using relevant technology for effective early medical intervention, deliver expert healthcare. This resulted in minimizing the inconvenience caused to patients and health-workers from poor logistics and saved long travel time. It also helped local villagers in meeting their immediate healthcare needs, at the same time made renewable energy technology useful at grassroot level. Our aim is to create 100 more such rural health clinics in remote villages across all states of India.

Lighting Lives - Street Light Project in Villages, Schools and Primary Health Centers

A measure to provide high quality, sustainable Solar LED street lighting solutions for rural communities facing hours of power outages. We have installed 1094 street lights across 23 schools, 11 primary health centers and 64 villages in Koraput and Nabarangpur districts of Odisha. The project is a part of CSR initiative of various department’s of Govt. of Odisha, to drive sustainable electrification in rural areas by improving safety and quality of life of villagers. Our objective is to improve living conditions of rural communities by connecting them to clean energy as part of one of our core projects. Dramatic improvements have been achieved by making better use of technology, which has changed the lives of the communities in the project sites. This innovative lighting choice has highlighted the potential for solar installations to tackle global challenges in agriculture, education, health and public infrastructure.

Clean Drinking Water-Solar Powered Water Purifying System

Due to variety of factors, the quality of drinking water is likely to deteriorate when it actually reaches the consumption point, especially in vulnerable areas like rural schools. This programme aims at providing safe drinking water in adequate quantity to all rural communities in the country including rural schools and anganwadis. We have installed Standalone Reverse – Osmosis systems (of an average capacity of 5000 litres a day with BIS quality standards) in 26 schools of Nabrangpur district in Odisha. The system is equipped with proven technology to remove turbidity, particulate matter, bacterial and viral contamination, iron, dissolved gases, odour and other impurities. We believe that by designing a community system that can provide tasty, desalinated water at an affordable price. Villagers who used to drink contaminated, high-saline water on a regular basis will now be able to drink water that’s clean and healthy.

Agriculture-Water Pumping System

Innovior conducted a feasibility study for mechanising borewells with solar powered pumps to provide water to the rural communities in the district of Nabarangpur in Odisha. This study was commissioned to understand the accessibility to clean drinking water in electricity scarce regions of this district and to identify potential project sites for installation of solar water pumping systems. On the basis of feasibility study report, 23 villages were identified in the first phase of the project with urgent need for solar pumped water for the villagers. Each of these communities faced unique and difficult situation in fulfilling their daily water needs. Successful implementation of the water pumping systems in these villages resulted in providing clean drinking water in adequate quantity to the rural community. Extensive training has also been provided to representatives from each community/ villages on maintenance of solar water pumping system for uninterrupted water supply.

Education-Digital Classrooms in 27 schools in Odisha

In line with the current Digital India initiative of government of India we are proposing advanced technologies and tools to improve the rural education system and move towards a digital future. Rural school education system lacks proper guidelines, direction, quality teaching, subject material and infrastructure. Recognising the undeniable need and urgency to invest in building a high-quality early education to bring transformation, especially in rural India, Innovior is planning to implement Cloud Based Solution which entails minimal IT infrastructure costs; thereby significantly improving the reach and quality of educational content and delivery to far- flung areas that have limited or no access to schools. The project site is Nabarangpur District in South-Western Orissa.