About Us

Innovior is a non-profit social enterprise led by passionate entrepreneurs, industrialists, and senior Indian Administrative Service officers supporting in catalyzing sustainable development through state-of-the-art technology across India for rural livelihood transformation. We have a wide ranging development approach. Our innovation focusses on myriad directions– technology, social mobilisational approaches, local institution building, architecture of partnerships, management techniques etc. We have developed innovative technologies for clean water, waste management, energy, education, agriculture and healthcare helping in increasing equitable, affordable, sustainable energy access to achieve social and economic development of the people.

Although we are a very young organization, our leadership team works with a network of IIT’s, IIM’s, multilateral, bilateral agencies and other research institutions to develop a prototype or business model that has proven viability in rural settings and potential for scalability. Once a prototype has been created and tested, we provide research support, market analysis expertise and helps in development and implementation of the model into a sustainable business.
Our team brings in national and international experts including local and regional specialists, delivering need based solutions for the rural community. Innovior is a platform to promote collaborative partnerships among diverse group of stakeholders, research institutions and community leaders across the system facilitating in technology development for adoption. We focus on the following issues at Rurban level:

  • Urban Sanitation and Water Management
  • Community Based Climate Change Programme (reduce the impact of climate change on vulnerable community)
  • Energy including Renewable Energy (sustainable energy plans with focus on poor and rural community)
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Community Livelihood Programme
  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainable Development (addressing the Urban Sanitation issues, climate change, energy efficiency, clean water, etc)
  • Disaster Management
  • Sustainable Healthcare
  • Rural Education (connecting students by providing digital classrooms)
  • Urban Planning and Research Study


Commitment to erase rural disparity and meet the growing aspirations of the rural population.


Help rural communities augment their livelihood with optimal application of technology and knowledge transfer.

Be a Part of the Change

Change starts with ideas.Connect with our growing platform of innovators, sector specialists, research institutions, community leaders and facilitators by sharing yourinnovative technologies and ideas for empowering last-mile communities.