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Clean Drinking Water

Rural people do not have access to appropriate, low-cost and locally produced technology for water, sanitation and hygiene needs. Innovior is well positioned to contribute to water security for rural people through tools and approaches based on balancing the benefits, costs and risks in meeting rural livelihood needs. We have developed innovative business models combining new technologies and market development strategies that helps individuals to adopt a new practice (e.g. using water purifier or purchasing safe drinking water from Solar water ATM). Our approach in working closely with local governments and communities to influence the way they relate to water show that there is willingness to pay for clean water (and, in some cases, sanitation services), even in rural communities. We believe that community scale water treatment is potentially ready to take off and spur truly transformative change towards best practices for the sector based on intensive interaction and discussion with the social enterprises and field visits undertaken.

Waste Management

Solid waste management practices in the villages are inadequate, leading to potential health problems, significant environmental impact, and general loss of amenity. Our innovative technological approaches are designed to build the capacity of the villagers in producing compost by themselves using their own household wastes to grow crops, and also as a steady supply of organically grown vegetables in the village. In line with the concept of Swachh Bharat Mission our services highlight the need supporting the initiatives for cleanliness and pace access for every person to sanitation facilities including waste disposal systems, safe and adequate drinking water supply for villages. We at Innovior help to raise awareness, motivate change and assist in project development through implementation of innovative waste management technology in rural areas contributing towards the livelihood of the poor.


Rural societies experience limited access to modern energy services, due to problems in availability and/or affordability. Instead, they rely on traditional fuels – predominately animal dung, crop residues, and wood for the majority of their energy needs which limits the ability to improve other aspects of life, including education and employment. Our innovative energy solutions revolves around the entire value chain of clean energy delivery for rural households which include: research and customization of new products/standards; piloting new business models involving public private partnerships; close networking with financial institutions and capacity building of stakeholders. We have also contributed in the design of innovative lighting products/systems (solar off-grid and grid connected power plants, LED lights, Solar Home Lighting Systems, Solar Lanterns, VLDC Fans) and solar water pumping system. We also help clients in developing a sustainable business model for improvements in rural electricity supply through distributed generation and supply of power using renewable sources of energy.


Technology is touching every aspect of society and changing it dramatically. But there is one very important and indispensable part of the society that has also been tapped by new innovations and discoveries in education. We at Innovior aim to improve the quality of learning and teaching in small rural /tribal /dispersed schools by exploring, adapting and improving innovative internet based technology in imparting “equal and quality education to all”. This solution will deliver scalable and inexpensive on-demand computing infrastructures with good quality service levels. We also conduct holistic trainings to enable teachers to integrate technology into their classroom. Our objective is to enhance the original technological and pedagogical approaches, in order to improve the quality of teaching for students, teachers and the educational community for lifelong learning.


Rural people themselves are a major source of new knowledge and practices – indigenous knowledge and organisation as a source of improvement to agricultural productivity. Providing appropriate technology can help them augment their knowledge of specific crop production for best returns, find the most effective farming practices and make plans based upon weather forecast. In development and implementation of agricultural technologies we follow the approach known as ‘Transfer of Technology’ a process where researchers develop the innovation, Innovior as change agents promote its use, and farmers thereby either adopt or reject the innovation. We believe that farmer involvement in the development of agricultural technologies ensures better promotion of an innovation’s adoption.


Examining the growing momentum and success stories in this sector our approach of social entrepreneurship is primarily driven by the objective of social change through self-sustainable solutions for rural poor. We help in providing affordable healthcare solutions by reducing the cost of service delivery through innovative operating models for people living in remote villages. Our team has developed concept of “Rural Health Clinic” and is implementing in various parts of India, thereby making health service accessible and scalable.

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